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Wooden file cabinets staples. Cheap wood file cabinets tend to be sold for customer assembly. For some people, this can be problematic along with the use of cam hardware is critical. It is advisable for consumers avoiding file cabinets which are crafted from particle board (which can often be advertised as wood), since these are not very durable. The Furniture Manufacturer’s Association does classify particleboard as wood made, but what you want is the real thing – solid pine, cherry or oak wood.

You must remember that a file cabinet usually needs to hold a comparatively large amount of weight; so you need glue screw and clamps to hold things together, not cam locks set in particle board.

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Wooden file cabinets staples. You should know the difference between wood made, printed grain and genuine wood veneer. You can tell if furniture is composed of wood made by looking at the grain. If your grain on the end runs perpendicular too the rest of the grain, then what you have is usually veneer rather than solid wood. While veneer has its place, solid wood is what you should be in search of in a file cabinet.

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