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Tall wood file cabinet. Solid oak filing cabinets can be purchased with two to five drawers. A two or three drawer cabinet could be used as a possible end table, nightstand or maybe the place where a fax machine, copier, printer or coffeemaker is kept. With bookends, it could hold manuals, recipe books or other reference books depending on your activities or business. The size of cabinet needed as well as the place it will probably be kept should be decided. If the huge amount of storage space is necessary, a five-drawer filing cabinet may be the right choice.

A two-drawer cabinet is 30 inches high. Several may be used next to each other for a large surface on top. Lateral file cabinets also have this feature without the tiny gap between cabinets. A three-drawer cabinet stands 43 inches high with more storage space. It is still low enough to put books, plants or a vase of flowers on top. A four-drawer cabinet is 55 inches and a five drawer is even taller. These are usually for professional use rather than often found in a home office.

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Some safety tips for very tall filing cabinets might help prevent the cabinet becoming top heavy and tipping over.
It is better not to put things on top of four or five drawer units
Fill the lower drawers first and put any heavy items in the lower two compartments
If the place is permanent, the cabinet can be mounted on the wall
Keep the top two drawers only half full
Solid light oak office furniture as well as dark oak office furniture is very stylish, secure and sturdy. Purchasing this sort of furniture is a real investment that may last for years. Tall wood file cabinet, tall dark wood file cabinet.

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